My Favorite Healthy(ish) NYC Brunch Spots

favorite nyc brunch spots

As someone who has called NYC home for the past 3 years, I can totally attest that there are few things New Yorkers love more than brunch. Actually, that’s not true. I’m pretty sure New Yorkers love “talking” about how much they love brunch in New York just as much as the brunch itself. At first I honestly did not understand the obsession. Maybe it’s because brunch in my tiny hometown consisted of a few greasy breakfast items at the local diner… or the Sunrise Sampler at Cracker Barrel. In other words, it was pretty slim pickings.  

NYC on the other hand has so many brunch spots it’s downright impossible to keep track. There are new ones opening up every. single. day. And with such a wide range of choices, just picking a place can become overwhelming! Luckily, with the plethora of options it’s been easy to find a few super healthy (and some sort of healthy) brunch spots that have become my go-to and that I figured I’d share with all of you since it’s one of the questions I’m often asked. I also have a few boozy brunch favorites as well, but I’ll save that list for another time. 😉 

Oh — and if you missed my favorite coffee shop roundup back in November, be sure to go check that out! 

The Butcher’s Daughter

the butchers daughter

The Vibe:

Exposed white brick walls, cheery yellow seats and lots and lots of greenery make this a wellness blogger’s paradise. Everything is Instagrammable, all the food is plant-based (100% vegetarian with mostly vegan and gluten-free options), and bonus, there are cocktails if you want to go for a boozy treat. 

What To Order: 

If you’re in the mood for savory, the Huevos Locos are SO good. You can’t go wrong with two eggs on a turmeric spiced rice, mixed with black beans, crispy corn and red bell peppers, topped with avocado. If you’re in the mood for something sweet I really enjoyed their take on organic muesli. It’s basically like a warm cereal topped with berries, bananas and steamed almond milk. 

Little Choc Apothecary 

little choc apothecary

The Vibe:

This is by far the CUTEST little brunch eatery in Williamsburg. Head up to the 2nd floor and take a seat at one of the small wood tables near the window, next to their huge tea wall. I also love that it’s pretty quiet (or at least it was every time I’ve been) which makes it perfect for tea, crepes and conversation. 

What To Order: 

As NYC’s very first fully vegan creperie you HAVE to order a crepe. I’m a huge fan of the “Garden of Eaten” — a crepe filled with apple, avocado, kale, mint-basil pesto and lemon juice. Top it with cashew cheese and you’ve got the most delightful savory crepe you’ve ever had. 

Bluestone Lane

bluestone lane nyc

The Vibe:

(DUMBO) Huge open space with marble tables, flamingo wallpaper, and lots of greenery — Bluestone Lane is probably my absolute favorite healthy cafe in the city. They have multiple locations and tbh, the one in West Village has a larger brunch menu, but I’m partial to the one in Dumbo because A) less crowds B) bigger space C) free WIFI.  

What To Order: 

I can’t not order the Breakfast Bowl every time I go. It’s become somewhat of a ritual at this point, especially because I do brunch at Bluestone Lane way too often. If sauteed kale, tomatoes, feta cheese, avocado and a poached egg atop a bed of quinoa sounds good to you, then this place is right up your alley. 


Screenshot 2018-05-01 at 5.14.37 PM

The Vibe:

Bright, yellow colored walls and counter-service makes this a no frills kind of brunch spot that you can’t help but feel happy in. During the warmer months they have a lovely outdoor seating area with yellow chairs and black umbrellas.  They’re also conveniently located right down the road from Yoga Vida NOHO, making them the perfect destination for post yoga sesh brunch. 

What To Order:

I’m a big fan of their power oatmeal, a combination of tri-colored quinoa, steel-cut oatmeal, coconut milk and raw wildflower honey.  Load it up with mixed berries, peanut butter and Belgian dark chocolate for a seriously decadent meal that tastes like dessert but will keep you full until dinner. You also can’t go to Honeybrains without ordering one of their nut & honey lattes (with a bee on top of course). 


There are seriously so many more awesome brunch spots that I love and it’s impossible to list them all. You definitely can’t go wrong with the four above but if you’re craving some more options, check out Westville, Jack’s Wife Freda,  and Egg Shop

Happy brunchin’ friends! 


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