6 Yoga Poses To Do After Flying

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Hi y’all! I’m currently writing this from Austin, Texas where I’m staying in a swanky lil hotel suite, eating all the bbq and attending tons of interactive sessions at SXSW. It’s my first time in the Lone Star State and so far I’m really loving it! Austin has such a cool, down to earth vibe. Not to mention there are tons of yummy restaurants (with a focus on barbecue and Tex-Mex), great nightlife, awesome art and music, plus some really cool historical sights. I’m still determining whether or not I need to pick up some cowboy boots while I’m here. I mean… they’re not really my style but when in Texas it seems like the proper thing to do.

This trip to Austin is one of many business trips I’ve been embarking on lately. Between traveling for work and traveling for fun, I feel like I’m on a plane at least once a month… which is exciting but tends to result in some pretty stiff and achy muscles. I don’t know about you but my body always feels like I’ve aged 20 years after sitting for hours on a cramped plane. It’s the worst.

Thankfully there are a few easy and effective yoga poses you can do when you hit your final destination that’ll make you feel like a spring chicken! Seriously though – making it a habit to do a 10 min yoga routine after I land has made such a difference in how I feel. Which is why I wanted to share 6 of my fav poses that will energize the body and focus the mind after being seated with very little wiggle room.

The next time you’re jet-setting try them out for yourself! Trust me, those stiff hips will thank you. 😉

Wide Child’s Pose 

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This is one of my favorites to sink my hips into (literally) because the feeling is so gratifying! It’s the perfect remedy for tight hips and an achy lower back.

Keep your knees wide, stretch your finger tips way out in from to you and breathe slowly for 5 breaths.

Butterfly Pose 

hotel yoga 4

After you’ve come to a seated position it’s time to stretch those hips even further. We tend to hold a TON of tension in our hip flexors and sitting on a plane for so long makes them extra tight.

A little advise? Don’t overdo the stretch. Just let your hips sink where they feel comfortable and stay here for a good 30 seconds.


hotel yoga 3

This little duo is the absolute best way to gently massage your spine and connect to your breath. Inhale for Cow as you arch your back and gaze upwards. Exhale for Cat as you round your back and tuck your chin to your chest.

Repeat at your own delightful pace 5 times.

Tiger Pose 

hotel yoga 6

Since you’re already in table top position after Cat & Cow, I find that Tiger is a really energizing transition. Remember that opposites attract so your right arm should be reaching for your left leg and vice versa.

This is such a great heart opener and helps to loosen your hip joints (do you see a pattern with all these poses yet?). Hold one side for 3 breaths before you release and repeat on the other side.

Downward Facing Dog 

hotel yoga 2

And now it’s time for one of the most basic and yet powerful poses in all of Vinyasa yoga. Downward Facing Dog truly does it all (which is why I mentioned it in my post: 5 Yoga Poses You Should Do Every Day). It circulates blood flow throughout the body, loosens your hips, lengthens your spine and hamstrings, and stretches out super tight shoulders.

Keep in mind this pose is not about getting your heels to the floor. You can bend the knees in order to find that lovely straight line from the tips of your fingers to your hips.

Warrior 2 

hotel yoga 5

From Downward Facing Dog bring yourself to Warrior 2. This power pose really stretches your legs, ankles, arms, chest, groin and shoulders.

It also feels pretty freakin amazing if you’re suffering from a backache after sleeping on the plane in the most awkward positions. Curse you Delta for such tiny space in coach! Hold for 1 minute.

There you have it! I hope these 6 yoga poses will make you feel uh-mazing after your flight. Of course these aren’t just limited to when you travel. They also create a simple and energizing yoga flow for after a long day in the office or whenever you spend a Saturday being a couch potato.

Yogi Tip:  Remember to go easy on yourself, listen to your body and really focus on your breath through each of the poses. The goal isn’t to quickly jerk your body into any of the positions. Instead, move mindfully and with purpose so you can really feel the benefits of the flow.

Good luck my little travelers! Oh btw – if you want to keep up with all my SXSW shenanigans just follow along on Instagram. My phone is pretty much permanently attached to my hand so you can count on some entertaining vids and pics on my Story.

With love and light,


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    • Melanie

      Aw, thank you Kayla! SXSW has been so fun and I’ve definitely learned a lot from all the amazing speakers/panelists. You should sign up next year! I highly recommend it. <3

  1. I love this sequence of poses! I try to do some stretches after a flight on in flight but don’t go as far as an actual child’s pose. Maybe will try in the hotel ☺

    • Melanie

      Thanks, girl! Child’s pose is always my go-to when I need to stretch out my hips and back. Sometimes if I’m extra lazy I just do it on the hotel bed before going to bed or after first waking up. :) lol

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