Free Thirty Three: The Perfect Yoga Mat For Any Beach Bunny


I’m not usually one to use the term “beach bunny” but I’m a sucker for alliterations (blame it on my job in social media marketing) and the term totally describes how I was feeling during my vacation in Florida. Maybe it’s the Cancerian in me but I’ve always been drawn to water. It’s incredibly soothing and back when I was a native Floridian I made frequent trips to the beach whenever I needed some time to de-stress. So naturally, spending the day on my favorite beach on Anna Maria Island was one of the first things on my vacay agenda.

Bay and I spent an entire day relaxing, attempting to swim in the really cold water, collecting seashells and of course doing yoga. I was so excited to test out my new beautiful yoga mat courtesy of my friends at Free Thirty Three Yoga Design Co. 

This beauty is called “Freebird” and it’s one of their best sellers. Obviously it’s not hard to tell why – the design is absolutely stunning. But there’s more to this mat than it’s beautiful appearance…


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It’s Fueled By Passion

Perhaps one of the things I love most about this yoga mat is that it comes with such a heartfelt story. It’s not some mass CPG brand with the sole purpose of making money.

Free Thirty Three Design Co. is run by an inspiring woman who is working hard to make a difference in this world.

After reading the story of their founder, Shawna, I was deeply moved. Here is a woman who left the comfort of her 10 year corporate career and moved from Canada to Japan in an effort to truly live her life.

From there she chased all the dreams her heart ever yearned for – getting her yoga instructor certification in Bali and exploring Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia. All the while she became more attuned to the way committed yoga practice and her countless adventures were making her feel. The passion and renewed heartbeat that filled Shawna’s soul was the catalyst that formed Free Thirty Three.


It’s Eco-Friendly & Functional 

When I first unwrapped Freebird, I squealed in delight. Like, literally squealed (you can ask Bay). The design and whimsical colors make this mat look like it was taken straight out of a mermaid’s dream. It’s ridiculously pretty and feels amazing. Bonus: it’s machine washable, which means post beach clean up is easy peasy.

The soft material is ultra-absorbent and acts as both a mat AND a towel – making it perfect for any kind of sweaty yoga practice your heart desires.

The base of the mat is made from natural tree rubber and it’s FREE of PVC, Chlorine, Silicone and Phthalates. In short, this is probably one of the few yoga mats out there that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable! Oh – and if that isn’t enough to make your heart flutter, each mat comes with a pretty awesome carrying strap that doubles as a high performance yoga strap. Yay for multiple yoga props in one!

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It Gives Back 

You guys know I love working with brands that serve a bigger purpose and I was thrilled to find out that Free Thirty Three does just that.

In addition to their eco-friendly design, Free Thirty Three is committed to giving back to the Earth by planting one tree for every yoga mat purchased. 

I love knowing that whenever I step onto my mat and go through my yoga practice I can do so with good karma. It may be a very small, indirect way of making a difference, but it’s an important contribution all the same. I truly believe that it’s each of our responsibilities to find small (or big) ways to give back to the world and our communities whenever we can.


Obviously I’m in love with my Freebird mat but there are so many other beautiful designs to choose from! With the holidays approaching, I’m thinking this could be the perfect gift for any fellow yogi friends. The below are two more of my favs:


Whether you’re a seasoned yoga instructor or someone who has never stepped on a mat, the best part about this community is that it comes sans judgement. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of following, meeting or practicing with in this yoga community has been 100% unique and I couldn’t be happier to have found a place amongst such empowering individuals.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Shawna that perfectly embodies what yoga practice and life is about.

“You can live your life with authentic purpose and let your dreams come alive… We live in a world today where anything is possible, so start that business, take that trip, send that email, be true to what is in your heart.”

– Shawna

All my love,


*Note: This post was sponsored by Free Thirty Three Yoga Design Co. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! ~ Mel 

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  1. I love these photos, and the mat is gorgeous! I love that’s eco-friendly and chemical free, so I’ll definitely check them out for when I need to invest in a new mat. :)

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