50 Shades Of Rose Gold (Hair)

rose-gold-hair-4 rose-gold-hair-3You know the saying, “A girl who changes her hair is about to change her life.” Well, I may not be doing anything incredibly life changing – but seeing that there’s a change of seasons, I figured this was relevant all the same.

After plenty of contemplation and many nights perusing Pinterest, I worked up the courage to go BIG with a color I’ve never donned before. Enter – rose gold. The pretty, whimsical shade that makes anyone look like a fairy princess. {Cue the unicorn}

Since I knew I needed a color expert in order to execute this without making me look like a tacky nightmare, I turned to Fox & Jane to assess their talent roster and see who was up to the challenge. I ran across Betsy Duggan’s Instagram and instantly fell in love with her gorgeous lookbook of colored hairstyles. This woman is a balayage queen and I knew she would be able to bring the vision I had in my head to life.

rose-gold-hair-6rose-gold-hair-5rose-gold-hair Yesterday, I sat in Betsy’s chair at the Fox & Jane salon in East Village and watched as she transformed my brassy, grown out ombre into this magical rose gold mane that you see here. Not only was she able to get the tones of rose gold on point but she’s also incredibly sweet. After her assistant finished styling my hair, Betsy took a few snaps of my ‘do for Instagram. I’ll admit that the new color is going to take some getting used to – but I’m already really loving it! I wish that pink hair wouldn’t fade so fast but unfortunately Betsy did remind me that the rosy glow will only last for a few weeks before I need to get it touched up.  The good news is she made sure to tone my bleached locks so that there will be beautiful transition from rose gold to a blonde balayage whenever I decide to say goodbye to pink hair.

Are you thinking of changing up your hair this season? If you’re in need of some color inspo – check out Fox & Jane’s Instagram. I genuinely think they have some of the most talented colorists in NYC. Happy coloring!


‘Metanoia’ necklace courtesy of Speechlust Jewelry 


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