What To Expect When Trying Partner Yoga

partner yoga on beachOne of the reasons why I love yoga is because it provides a unique experience each time. No flow is ever quite the same and the feelings you get after your sweaty sessions can range across the emotional spectrum. Yoga is more than just a good workout… it provides a very real way to connect. Most of the time this is an internal connection of breath, body, mind and soul. However, when it comes to partner yoga (or more commonly known as Acro Yoga), this connection transcends beyond yourself and forms a bond between you and another individual.

You may remember all about how yoga can connect you to your best friend in my guest blog post for Athleta. My friend and fellow blogger, Jules of Om & The City, and I detailed our partner yoga experience and shared a few tips along the way. 

After completing that article for Athleta, I started to browse through some photos on my phone and computer to see how many acro yoga sessions I’ve done throughout the years. Some of the photos date back to when I first began yoga 3 years ago and each one has so many fond memories attached.

Today, I decided to share my experiences with you and give you a glimpse into why I am so fond of practicing yoga with someone else. If you’re new to the world of partner yoga, these are a few things that you can expect:

You will strengthen friendships…image1image5

And you will build new onesimage7 partneryogabeachpartner yoga with julia

You will get close to your partner… like really closepartner yoga pose

And if your yoga partner is also your significant other, you may get a little romanticimage3

You will look silly…IMG_6101

But you will laugh about itathleta11 (1)

You will be pushed out of your comfort zoneIMG_1975

And will discover your own strengthIMG_6138

When no one is around, you’ll want to practice with your dogyogawithnina3yoga with dogs

Or maybe that’s just me… yogawithnina7partneryogawithdog

But perhaps most importantly – you will have FUNIMG_0412julia3

If you’ve never tried partner yoga before, there’s no better time than the present to begin! Be safe, be fearless and have fun!

A huge thank you to the beautiful and empowering women featured in this post: @Crentz04, @Asana_Dancer, @TheNakedFlora, @Whitneylenglish, @OmandTheCity, and @BiancaBonus.  You all rock my sox.


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