2017: A Year To Remember

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I’m currently sitting in bed, sipping on a cup of coffee while writing my very last blog post of 2017 and I can hardly believe the year is coming to an end. When I first sat down to write this I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to highlight, but as I sorted through the memories (and thousands of photos) it became apparent that A LOT happened in 2017. So much in fact that it really is one of those special years that I hope to remember forever.

Admittedly, the past few years have all been significant:

2013 was a year of heartbreak and healing

2014 was a year of long-distance love and newfound independence

2015 was a year of taking huge risks in both my personal and professional life

2016 was a year of creativity and finding a new passion

2017 was a year of many “first time” experiences

I know that seems rather vague but what I’ve realized is that this past year really did mark certain new experiences that will impact all the future years to come. I’ve learned so much, about myself and others, and although I have no idea what 2018 has in store, I’m open and ready to receive whatever God has planned.

So what is it that made 2017 so great? Well first of all, YOU played a huge role in it of course! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet so many of you in real life, whether it was through events, meet-ups, Skype sessions or random coffee dates. I guess that’s the big takeaway — at the end of the day it’s not about the places I visited, the brands I worked with or the milestones I achieved in my career… it’s about the people I’ve shared all these memories with.

That’s the red thread that ties all these highlights together and I hope you enjoy taking a small trip down memory lane with me as I reminisce on the most impactful moments of the year. Here we go!

Bringing People Together  

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One of my goals this year was to really put myself out there and meet more people in the fitness & wellness world here in NYC. Through a few of my own meet-ups and classes, along with many other events, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many Insta-friends in real life and now feel fully immersed in this super supportive community.  Three of my favorites included:

Hosting a Fitness blogger meet up at Studio Anya

Co-teaching a “Fit For Summer” class with my soul sister Brittany 

Leading a yoga class in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness for Athleta 

Each of these offered unique challenges and opportunities for authentic connection — and there will be plenty more to come in 2018!

Forming The GirlBoss Squad

Partner Tree Pose

In March I decided to start a new blog series highlighting inspiring women who are “doing it all.” Whether that be balancing a full time career while teaching fitness classes on the side, or getting their master’s degree while blogging and living a healthy lifestyle. Not only did this allow me to connect with some truly kick-ass women, but there’s something about partner yoga shoots that bring people even closer (must be all the eye contact and physically holding each other up).

Read more about:









Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Photo Jun 30, 12 23 39 PM_preview

Perhaps the accomplishment I’m most proud of this year (and it still feels pretty surreal), was becoming a certified yoga teacher. I took a month off from my full time job to go through a 200 hour yoga teacher training program at Yoga Vida and after the program ended jumped straight into teaching classes at Athleta’s studio in Flatiron and even at my corporate office.

Going through the training made me fall in love with yoga all over again. It’s also sparked a curiosity to learn even more about what goes into yoga teaching… which is why I know that a 500 hr YTT is in my future.

Read more about my experience during YTT and what to expect as a new yoga teacher.

Traveling To New Places 

Challenging Yourself To Live Your Best Life 1

Let’s be honest, I’ve clocked a lot of air time this year. My corporate job definitely takes credit for a few of the big ones like SXSW in Austin and the Teen Vogue Summit in L.A. but the other 16 trips were solely for friends and family. Which I think is the way it should be. :) A few highlights:

Bay and I kicked off the year in Cancun 


And then had a snowy romantic weekend in the Hamptons (with Nina too)

Photo Feb 11, 11 24 31 AM_preview

Celebrated my bday in Stowe, Vermont 

Photo Jul 03, 12 38 52 PM_preview

And toured The White House during Bay’s annual family cookie baking in D.C. 

white house 

 Attending Memorable Events 

Photo Jan 19, 9 38 48 PM_preview

If you follow me on Instagram Stories I’m sure you can recall a few of the various events I attended this year. From jumping on an olympic size trampoline for Old Navy to morning dance parties at 305 Fitness for RXBar, it was difficult to pick my highlights but I think if I had to narrow it down, these three get standing ovations:

Ocean Spray’s “Rock The Bog” 

Participating in a yoga sculpt class on the top of a cranberry bog in the center of Rockefeller center? Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Photo Nov 02, 9 32 00 AM_preview

Bandier’s Southhampton Sweat 

A day getting soaked in the pouring rain while participating in some intense workouts like Akin’s Army, The Class and ModelFit? Probably wouldn’t have made my list if not for how much fun I had doing it all with Brittany.

Photo Aug 05, 10 46 18 AM_preview

Wanderlust Fest in Brooklyn Bridge Park 

Second year doing yoga with hundreds of other people in the middle of Prospect Park on a beautiful summer day. You can bet I’ll be there next year too.

Photo Sep 10, 11 45 34 AM_preview

Planning My Bestie’s Bachelorette Party 

Photo Oct 28, 1 49 16 PM_preview

I went to three different bachelorette parties this year but the one that stands out the most is obviously the one I planned for my dear friend, Chrissy. As my former roommate of one year and friend for over 10 years, there’s so much history and love that goes into our relationship and as Maid Of Honor, I wanted to make sure her party was a weekend that she would never forget.

I won’t go into the details of those three days spent in Orlando, but I’m pretty confident in saying “mission accomplished.”

Spending Christmas With My Love 

Photo Dec 16, 10 32 38 AM_preview

Bay and I started dating four years ago and yet every Christmas was spent separately with our own families. That is, until we decided it was time to do the family swap this year and finally get to spend the holidays together. As sad as I was to not see my own family down in Florida, I have to say that being able to wake up together on Christmas morning and experience the day with him and his family was truly memorable. 

Honestly, it’s the best way to conclude this recap. Because at the end of the day, my relationship with Bay means the world to me and he’s been beside me through every adventure I mentioned throughout this post — whether it was taking photos at my events, traveling with me to various places, giving helpful advice, or just being a shoulder to lean on and a sounding board for all my crazy ideas.


So here’s to 2018, a new year with new adventures, lessons, triumphs and failures. This past year I chose to focus on the word “Connect” as my mantra — and next year it’s all about being “Fearless” to truly follow my heart and make some new (and old) dreams come true.

Before I sign off and partake in New Year’s Eve festivities, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for believing in me, for your endless support and for following along on my daily journey. I adore you all and can’t wait to see you in the new year!




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