Weekend Vibes: White Linen Dress

whitelinendress1 whitelinendress3 shoes whitelinendress4 white linen dress 2Ah, Sunday. You glorious, magical day of rest and relaxation. It’s pretty much my favorite day of the week (sorry, Friday – you’re a close second) because it’s the day when Bay and I typically have absolutely nothing planned. I know that may seem a little boring, but quite the contrary – it’s the best way for us to prep for the week ahead. Having a clear schedule also allows us to take random mini adventures in our hood, which is exactly how we ended up at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain this afternoon.

Situated on a pleasant street corner in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Farmacy is a 1920’s apothecary turned delightful ice cream parlor. Go inside and you’ll instantly be transported into the 1950’s. A time when people chatted over malt milkshakes, and soda jerks bustled back and forth creating magical concoctions like chocolate egg cream and red velvet sundaes. The music is lively and the menu is mouthwatering. In short, I was totally in my element. After all, I LOVE all things ice cream.

Bay and I sat right at the counter and watched as our lunch was prepared. Bay got the Triple Lutz (grilled cheese and pesto on three layers of bread) and I got the baked mac & cheese. Hey, it’s Sunday… it’s okay to indulge a little. After finishing up our grub we decided an “Anyday” chocolate sundae with caramel and whipped cream was completely necessary to finish off the meal. Needless to say, this little ice cream parlor knows how to deliver a really satisfying dessert. I’m kinda loving this whole “sundae on Sunday” thing. Someone should hashtag that, like pronto.

With full bellies and happy hearts, Bay and I ventured back home, but not before snapping a few photos in my outfit of the day: a cute LWD from Gap (i.e. little white dress, which BONUS happens to be on major sale right now!), white Adidas kicks, and my favorite handbag by Rebecca Minkoff. You can seriously never go wrong with a good fit & flare dress since they’re flattering on every body type. Another wardrobe staple is a structured handbag that can easily transition from the office to date night to weekend strolls in a snap! 

I know Labor Day is right around the corner, but I’ve never been the type to abide by the whole “no white after Labor Day” rule. I personally think you can rock white into the Fall, and if you’re in season-less destinations like Florida you may as well wear it all year round. I for one plan to wear this dress with a denim jacket and cute ankle boots until it gets too chilly for linen. With fingers crossed that won’t be until late October.

As for now, it’s time to tend to a few errands and get ready for the week ahead. Sending really good sundae vibes your way! (oops, I mean Sunday) 


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